TFNS Hamilcar was a transport starship of the Terran Federation Navy.

Technical Specifications Edit

Hamilcar was an enourmous transport vessel, half again the size of the Federation Navy's largest dreadnought. (OAR)

History Edit

It was one of the forty-six vessels which brought the terran colonists to the planet Safehold in the Kau-zhi System in order to build a new home for humanity.

When the rest of the Operation Ark colonial fleet was driven into the system's sun per autopilot in order to keep their emmissions from being detected by the Gbaba, Hamilcar, the flagship of Operation Ark's civilian administration, remained in orbit of Safehold to serve as an administrative center, orbiting observatory, and emergency industrial module.

However, in 2499, Eric Langhorne and his followers decided to remove Hamilcar as well. Disagreement over this decision was what triggered the open conflict between the Langhorne faction and Pei Shan-wei followers, which resulted in the destruction of the Alexandria Enclave. (OAR)

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