Taigys Mahldyn was a Charisian citizen and engineer.

He had dark eyes, and worked in one of Ehdwyrd Howsmyn's factories. During his time there, he had an accident that mutilated his left hand. Howsmyn took care of his re-education in weapons manufacturing, a trade that allowed Mahldyn to take good care of his wife, Mathylda, and their family; by the Year of God 896, his youngest son, Fhranklyn, was accepted to the Royal College.

Around the same time, Mahldyn had an idea for a new design of handgun ammunition that involved metal 'centerfire' cartridges. When he presented the idea to Nahrmahn Tidewater, he was taken right to Howsmyn, who was very enthusiastic about the idea and promised Mahldyn that he would be listed as co-owner of the patent, as well as for any other ideas he would have in the future. This, Howsmyn assured him, would make him a very wealthy man by the time he retired. (MTAT)