Republic of Siddarmark

Map of Siddarmark

Tarikah Province was a province in the north-west of the Republic of Siddarmark. Along with Icewind Province, it bordered on the Temple Lands.


Tarikah Province was home to a northern climate, with several major rivers including the Tarikah, Charlz, Sair, Kayman, and the Hildermoss River.  Lake bodies of water included Cat-Lizard Lake, East, and West Wing Lakes, Lake Isyk, and Lake Maysn. It was also well connected to other nations and provinces by two major canals, the Holy Langhorne, and the Sair-Selyk.

The province also had several towns, including Blufftyn, Lake City, LakesideSairmeet, and Traymos. (map)


Like the other western provinces, Tarikah held a deep, and often bitter resentment against the prosperious eastern provinces. During the Civil War, the province quickly fell to rebellious forces. Extra time and effort had been put into securing the province, by the Sword of Schueler, in order to create not just a buffer between the Republic and the Temple Lands, but also as a secure base to operate from. (HFAF)

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