Tellesburg Bay

Tellesberg and the surrounding area

Tellesberg was the capital city of the Kingdom and Empire of Charis, located on the coast of Tellesberg Bay, in the outmost south of the much larger Howell Bay.

Geography Edit

Tellesberg[1] was built mainly of stone and brick, and the area near the waterfront was a vast sprawl of substantial warehouses, shipyards, ropewalks, chandlers, and business offices. Farther inland, away from the warren of taverns, bistros, and bordellos which served the mariners who manned the kingdom's merchant vessels, were the homes of thousands of workmen who labored in the city.

Even farther inland, on the rising land moving away from the harbor along the banks of the Telles River towards the Royal Palace, the townhouses and mansions of the nobility and the wealthy merchants were located.

The city was completely ringed by farmland whose sole purpose was to keep the city's population fed. (OAR)

History Edit

The original site for the city of Tellesberg had been chosen by Pei Shan-wei herself, during her terraforming operations. It hadn't been a very large enclave, compared to the those which had been located on the larger landmasses of Haven and Howard.

During the early colonial period Tellesberg received little in the way of outside support, possibly because of its parentage. Yet it had grown anyway, slowly but steadily, and later it had begun establishing colonies of its own about five hundred local years ago. Those colonies had quickly established their independence as feudal territories in their own right, but Tellesberg had always remained the largest and most powerful of the Charisian states.

Two hundred local years ago, the House of Ahrmahk had risen to power in Tellesberg under Haarahld III, and the Ahrmahk dynasty had gradually extended its control over the entire landmass known as Charis Island.

Around the Year of God 890, the city had a population of about 100,000, which made it a huge one by Charisian standards. (OAR)

References Edit

  1. It is sometimes wrongly referred to as "Tellesburg".