The Temple Loyalists were those who remained loyal to the Church of God Awaiting after the Schism. Those professing loyalty to the Church in Zion varied greatly in the intensity of their beliefs, as well as their locations, they were found in all member-states of the Empire of Charis, as well as the mainland realms.

History Edit

During the earliest phases of the Schism, there was a great deal of confusion, especially in conflicting reports from both sides. Both accused one another of heresy, crimes against humanity, and other crimes.

Loyalists in the Empire of CharisEdit

The loyalists were allowed to operate openly and freely, so long as their actions were legal. This was because Charis would have been hypocritical in espousing the promotion of being able to worship God however one saw fit, while not allowing the loyal worshippers of God Awaiting the same freedom. In fact, they even had their own church to congregate in, the Church of Langhorne the Blessed.

They numbered in the hundreds, if not more, and were positioned throughout the Empire, including Chisholm. They were involved in various plots, the majority of which (the larger ones) were lead and planned by Bishop Mylz Halcom. While being very well funded, they met with little success, and sometimes ended up backfiring for them in the long run. (BSRA, BHD)

Mylz Halcom's known plots Edit

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