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The Temple of God was the spiritual and secular center of the Church of God Awaiting and the Temple Lands.

Located in the holy city of Zion, the Temple was constructed by Maruyama Chihiro and the other survivors of the Operation Ark command crew, being built only after Eric Langhorne and most of his inner circle had been killed by Pei Kau-yung at the beginning of the War Against the Fallen. The Temple served as a command post for Chihiro and his supporters, most notably Androcles Schueler, and was built with the use of highly advanced construction materials[1][2].

The Temple later served as the seat of the Grand Vicar as the Archangel Langhorne's steward on Safehold. and housed the Council of Vicars. The Plaza of Martyrs stretched out in front of it.

When Merlin Athrawes discovered the presence of active energy signatures beneath the Temple in the Year of God 890, he cautiously attributed these signatures to the structure's "miraculous" climate control systems, but decided that using the high tech surveillance systems available to him within a certain proximity of the Temple would constitute an unacceptable risk of detection[3]. (OAR)

Merlin eventually discovered the true source of the Temple's energy signatures. (HFAF)


  1. The Temple's silver dome was plated in eight centimeters of armorplast, enough to stop a pre-space forty centimeter armor-piercing shell without a scratch.
  2. Nimue Alban's PICA decided she had seen flimsier planetary defense command bunkers.
  3. A decision that prevented him from directly observing meetings of the Council of Vicars and in particular the Group of Four.