The Book of Bédard was the second book of the Holy Writ, dealing with the teachings of the Archangel Bédard, more precisely "wisdom and self-knowledge". (OAR)

It included at least five chapters, the fifth of which had at least nineteen verses. In October of the Year of God 893, Father Tymahn Hahskans used a verse from the book in his sermon at Saint Kathryn's which pointed out the corruption of the Church of God Awaiting by the Group of Four and others. (AMF)

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Chapter 5 Verses Edit

19: "Behold, I will tell you a great truth, worthy of all men and sacred under the Lord. Hear it, and heed, for on the Final Day, an anncounting shall be demanded on you. The Church is created of God and oof the Law of Langhorne to be the keeper and the teacher of men's souls. She was not ordained to serve the will of Man, nor to be governed by Man's vain ambitions. She was not created to glorify Man, or to be used by Man. She was not given life so that that life might be misused. She is a great beacon, God's own lamp, set upon a mighty hill in Zion to be the reflector of His majesty and power, that she might give her Light to all the world and drive back the shadows of the Dark. Be sure that you keep the chimney of the lamp pure and holy, clean and unblemished, free of spot or stain. Recall the Law you have been given, the will of God that will bring yoz safe to Him at the last, utmost end of time. Guard her always, keep true to the Writ, and all will be well with you, and with your children, and with your children's children, until the final generation, when you shall see Him and We who are His servants face-to-face in the true Light which shall have no ending."

Chapter 6 Verses Edit

1: "Behold and heed, you who are mothers and you who are fathers. Let not your actions or inactions bring calamity and evil upon your children. Be instead a roof over their heads, be walls about their safety.
2: The time will come when they will become parents to you in your old age, but that time is not yet. Now is the time to teach, and to nurture—to love and to guard.
3: When peril approaches, go forth to meet it far from them, lest it threaten them, as well. When duty calls you into danger, put them first in a place of safety. And when the threat of the ungodly draws nigh, set them beyond evil’s reach before you ride out to battle, and do not let the hand of the wicked fall upon them."

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