The Book of Langhorne was the first book of the Holy Writ, dealing with the teachings of the Archangel Langhorne, more precisely the "law of God". (OAR)

There are also passages that deal with prohibitions agains the sabotage of canal locks. (MTAT)

Passages Edit

Chapter 15 Verses Edit

9: "For how will a man profit if he gains all the world's power, yet loses his soul? And how much will he pay, how much gold will he bring, for his soul? Ponder that well, for whoever is ashamed of the teachings God has sent through my hand, that man also will I be ashamed of on the day he stands before the God who created him, and I will neither hold forth my hand as his shield nor speak for him in that dread judgment."

Chapter 23 Verses Edit

7: "The inheritance of the wicked is the whirlwind, and I will cast down all the works and strong places of those who would oppress the people of God."[1]
56: "Woe be unto the murderers of innocence, for the blood of the innocent cries out to the ear and heart of God, and He will not hold His hand against its shedders. Better for them never to have been born, for His curse is upon them, His wrath will find them out, and He will use the hand of the righteous to destroy them utterly." (BSRA)


...Archangel had warned that they would have the poor with them always...(AMF)

References Edit

  1. Possibly refers to a combination of Nahum 1:3 (Old Testament) and Job 4:8 (Old Testament)