The Fence was a large defensive fortification, built between the Kingdom of Chisholm, along the northern portion of the Western Crown Demesne, and the lands of the Raven Lords.[1]

Purpose and designEdit

The Fence was designed to keep out the horsethieves, dragonthieves, and sheep-stealers that populated the lands of the Raven Lords. The Fence contained a line of observation posts, with interval forts every twenty miles, which ran almost a hundred and fifty miles east to west across the single neck of land connecting the Western Crown Demesne and Raven's Land.

The observation posts were placed on high ground where sentries could keep an eye on the countryside between the interval forts. It also ran patrols, and the forts' relatively small garrisons were big enough to deal with any typical Raven Lord incursion the observation posts reported.

The forts' garrisons consisted primarily of cavalry and dragoons, which used their speed as an assest in stopping the clansmen, and driving herd animals back into captivity. (MTAT)

References Edit

  1. It served much the same function as the Great Wall of China, or Hadrian's Wall, on Earth.