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Presentation of Tithes

Tithes were annual payments made by the various realms of Safehold to the Church of God Awaiting.


Every single person on Safehold was obligated by law to deliver a tithe of 20 percent of his income every single year.

Secular rulers were responsible for collecting that tithe and delivering it to the Church of God Awaiting. The Church then used it for charitable projects, the construction of yet more churches, and as capital for a profitable business lending funds back to the local princes and nobility at usurious rates. It also provided a great deal of wealth and luxury to its senior clergy. (OAR)


After the commencement of the embargo against Charis, the amounts of tithes remitted to the Church continued to plummet. By YOG 895 the Church received no tithes from Charis, nor any part of its empire, and of the mainland realms, only the Republic of Siddarmark, the Grand Duchy of Silkiah, and the Desnairian Empire were managing to pay anything like their prewar tithes. (HFAF)

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