Tohmys Symmyns, Grand Duke of Zebediah, was the first-ranking noble of Zebediah Island when it was part of the League of Corisande and in the first years of the Charisian Empire.

Appearance Edit

Symmyns[1] was of average height and build, with dark thin hair, a prominent nose, narrow guarded[2] eyes, and large, even white teeth.

Biography Edit

His father had been a "mere" baron, but was made Grand Duke after Princedom of Zebediah's fall to the forces of Hektor of Corisande. Tohmys inherited this position (retained only by Hektor's confidence) in turn.

In February of the Year of God 893, he surrendered the island to the Charisian Empire without a single shot just prior to the Invasion of Corisande. (BHD)

Within less then a year, he started plotting with members of the Corisandian nobility to violently overthrow the Empire's rule in Corisande. The plot was foiled by the Imperial authorities with the aid of Merlin Athrawes. (AMF)

Following the discovery of his role in the conspiracy, Duke Tohmys was put under arrest in his palace to await trial for high treason. Once Empress Sharleyan arrived in March of the Year of God 895, the court convicted Symmyns, stripping him of all his ranks and titles and sentencing him to death. He was given access to a confessor, and later on the same day was beheaded and buried in unconsecrated grounds. (HFAF)

References Edit

  1. His name is also spelled Tohmas.
  2. "They met other people's gazes with laudable steadiness, but there was an opacity, an armor, just under the surface, that reminded Cayleb of certain species of poisonous hedge lizards." (BHD: Feb 893: VI)