Tomhys was a Grand Vicar of the Church of God Awaiting around the Year of God 400.

He wrote a writ of instruction called On Obedience and Faith, which established that, despite the Proscriptions of Jwo-jeng and God's commandment to avoid change, there were times when attempts to deny, or evade, the consequences of necessary change became a sin in themselves. (BSRA)

Tomhys was responsible for changing the structure of the Church of God Awaiting, by increasing the power of the Grand Vicar, and overhaulling the manner in which archbishops and bishops received their sees, rather than a generally local selection process, Tomhys subsituted an appointment with consulation method. The long term results of these changes made the consultation feature meaningless, and concentrated too much power in the hands of the Grand Vicar, or more often, the vicars who actually ran the Church. It also laid the groundwork for the absorption of the Order of Jwo-jeng into the Order of Schueler, which eventually made the latter effectively the senior one. (infodump)