Traivyr Kairee was a Charisian citizen, and a wealthy merchant and landowner.

His policies of opposing any positive measure for employees set him against Ehdwyrd Howsmyn and Rhaiyan Mychail for a long time. In the Year of God 892, he fought against the law preventing child labour, since he used a lot of them in his factories, and also opposed the Schism.

In YOG 893, he mades friends with Empress Sharleyan's uncle, the Duke of Halbrook Hollow, much to the Empress' displeasure. He opposed the Crown in the opening debates of the Imperial Parliament.

He was the main source of financing for Bishop Mylz Halcom during the preparation of the attempt at the Convent of Saint Agtha, and his schooner Sunrise was used many times for deliveries by the Temple Loyalists but he kept these contacts carefully hidden.

His home was the Earldom of Styvyn. (BSRA)