The Treaty of Alliance was a treaty signed between the Kingdom of Charis and the Kingdom of Tarot, signed by Haarahld VI, and Gorjah II. It spelt out several obligations between both realms, including requests in times of war for assistance. (OAR)

However, by the rein of King Gorjah III, it was viewed as more of a treaty of subjection. When the opportunity arose to break the treaty, he did so, and in doing, committed his nation to joining the Southern Force, which was ultimately annihilated. (OAR)

After breaking the treaty, Tarotisian shipping came under attack by Charisian privateers, her ports blockaded by the Imperial Charisian Navy, and accusations by the Church that they had betrayed the whole operation in the beginning. Ultimately this all had led to the Kingdom becoming a vassal state of the Empire of Charis in the Year of God 895. (HFAF)