Father Tymahn Hahskans was a Corisandian citizen and a priest of the Church of God Awaiting.

He was the priest for Saint Kathryn's Church, located on Candlemaker Lane in the Corisandian capital city of Manchyr.

A moderate thinker, he was among those who welcomed the Church of Charis' approach to the Holy Writ. He even used the scripture to point out how the actions of the Group of Four ran against the teachings of the Archangel Bédard; his sermons became more and more popular in the following weeks, but also earned him the hatred of a group of Temple Loyalists who eventually kidnapped, tortured, and murdered him. His death greatly angered Merlin Athrawes, who provided General Koryn Gahrvai with the information neccessary to find and arrest the killers. (AMF)