The Vision of the Archangel Schueler was a holographic recording of the "Archangel Schueler" created by the Stone and Key of Schueler when merged together.

The Vision, as interpreted by the Wylsynn family, was that it not simply in their duty to keep the Church untainted, without stain, and focused on her great mission in the world, but also charged them with a special responsibility. This being to use the secret weapon located within the temple, which could only be used once and only in time of greatest need.

Also within the hologram, Schueler stated that the archangels would return to Safehold after a thousand years. The Vision did not state wether this was in Terran or Safeholdian years, but Merlin assumed that it would be one thousand Safeholdian years dated from the initial settlement of the planet. (HFAF)

Schueler was portrayed as a man with dark eyes, high cheekbones, and a deep, strangely accented voice; his exact words were:

"We leave you a fallen world. It's not the world we intended, the one we were charged to create, but even Archangels can be touched by evil and twisted, bent and broken. The war which raged here on Safehold after Shan-wei's Fall is proof enough of that. Yet God has His true plan for all of His work, and especially for all of His hildren. You who see this message, know that you are God's children. I charge you in His name never to forget that. Always to remember that however we Archangels may have failed of our charge, however we may have permitted His world to be marred, it's your task to remember His love and to show a reflection of it in yourselves. It won't be an easy task. It will bring all too many of you to grief and to loss, and there will be far too many times when it seems a thankless, bitter duty. But it is the most important task any human being could ever assume. I leave you this message because I leave you as my watchmen, my wardens, the guardsmen upon the wall. The purpose of God's Church is to guide, to cherish, to love, and to serve His children. Do not let her stray from that high and holy charge. Do not let her slip into the errors of pride and arrogance, of the pursuit of earthly power or wealth, of forgetting the destiny for which she was created. Be faithful, be vigilant, be valiant, and know that the purpose and the task you serve is worth the sacrifice I call upon you to make." (LAMA)