Father Vyktyr Tahrlsahn was a Schuelerite upper-priest of the Church of God Awaiting and an agent of the Inquisition.

He was one of Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn's hand-picked inquisitors detailed to deliver Charisian prisoners-of-war from the Kingdom of Dohlar to the Temple of God in Zion (HFAF)

In the Year of God 896, he was assigned to Bishop Wylbyr Edwyrds' staff, and took part in the massacre of civilians in the town of Sarkyn following the alleged sabotage of a nearby canal lock. Some time later, he and Father Hahskyll Seegairs were travelling in a barge on the Holy Langhorne Canal when the seijin Dialydd Mab boarded the vessel and brutally killed the two inquisitors and their entire escort. Before Tahrlsahn was allowed to die, Mab (who was in fact another incarnation of Merlin Athrawes) revealed to him that the Holy Writ was a lie, and that if there was any justice, Tahrlsahn would go straight to Hell after his demise. (LAMA)