Western Siddarmark

Map of Western Siddarmark

Western Siddarmark was the western portion of the Republic of Siddarmark, bordering the Border States. It was also the bread basket of the Republic, supplying the majority of its food. There were several major canals, and roads, connecting the region with the rest of the Haven continent.

The Republic's western provinces were the most recent additions to the nation, having been added within the last several hundred years. There was also a great deal of resentment amongst the farmers, foresters, miners, and rural craftsmen of the wealth of the eastern provinces’ urban populations. It was in this region that the Sword of Schueler was able to build its support amongst the Temple Loyalists.

During the Rising, many provinces rebelled and those that remained loyal were quickly occupied by the Army of God, and her allied nations, as they advanced into the Republic.  There was also a great deal of famine and dislocation of people. (MTAT)


Provinces generally agreed to be in Western Siddarmark include:

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