Wind Daughter Island

Map of Wind Daughter Island

Wind Daughter Island was a large island, just south of Corisande Island, and about half as big. By the year of God 893, most of it was covered in old-growth forest.

It was part of the Princedom of Corisande, and was divided into three earldoms and one duchy. They are the Earldom of North Coast, the Earldom of Doomwhale Keep , the Earldom of Mancora, and the Duchy of West Wind. (map)

Wind Daughter Island had less than a quarter of the population as Corisande Island. Ninety precent of the population lived almost in sight of the ocean; the inhabitants considered people from Corinsande Island as foreigners.

After the successful invasion of Corisande, Wind Daughter became part of the Charisian Empire. (AMF)