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Map of the League with Zebediah in the upper left corner

Zebediah Island

Zebediah Island

Zebediah Island was one of the larger islands in Carter's Ocean, and the second largest landmass of the League of Corisande.

Geography Edit

Zebediah Island was close in landmass size and lied directly northwest to that of Corisande. It was surrounded by Carter's Ocean, Jackson Sound, the Zebediah Sea and the Chisholm Sea from the south, west, north, and east respectively.

The island sported several bays, most notably Hannah Bay, part of the Grand Duchy of Zebediah and was buffered in from the ocean by the Talisman Gulf. The island had a warm climate due to the equator running perfectly along the middle of the entire island. (OAR, BHD)

History Edit

Originally the island was an independently run princedom, before Prince Hektor of Corisande's invasion and usurpation into the League sometime around Year of God 870. During which the last prince of Zebediah was executed by Hektor and replaced by the then newly promoted Grand Duke Tohmys Symmyns.

In February of the Year of God 893, the Grand Duke surrendered the island to the Charisian Empire without a single shot just prior to the Invasion of Corisande. (BHD)

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