Zhames II of the House of Rayno was the ruler of the Kingdom of Delferahk in the 890s of God.

He was married to Queen Hailyn, who was a cousin of Prince Hektor of Corisande. (BHD) The marriage was created in hopes of increasing the fortunes of the Kingdom of Delferahk, and the creation of a powerful alliance to challenge the then Kingdom of Charis; but instead resulted in several generous loans to the Kingdom. (HFAF)

Zhames II was well known for his fiscal austerity, for example keeping the shore batteries of Ferayd Sound unmanned during peacetime. (BHD)

He and Queen Hailyn had two sons. King Rayno often ate dinner with his wife alone, not so much due to mutual affection, but because it was less expensive then large state dinners. (HFAF)