For the king of the same name, see Zhan II Ahrmahk.

Prince Zhan Ahrmahk was the second son of King Haarahld VII of Charis and younger brother of Cayleb II.

After his father was killed in the Battle of Darcos Sound and his older brother became the new King of Charis, Zhan became the new Crown Prince and was soon after betrothed to Mahrya Baytz, the oldest daughter of Nahrmahn II of Emerald. (BSRA)

Upon the birth of his niece, Princess Alahnah, in the Year of God 894, the title of heir apparent passed from Zhan to her. (AMF)

As the Holy War continued, Zhan grew into an attractive young man, and he and Princess Mahrya became ever more fond of each other, to the point where Empress Sharleyan considered the possibility that Mahrya might already be pregnant on her wedding day. (MTAT)