Lady Zhenyfyr Ahrmahk (née Yowance), Dowager Duchess of Tirian, was a Charisian noblewoman, the daughter of First Councillor Gray Harbor and wife of Kahlvyn Ahrmahk, Duke of Tirian.

Biography Edit

She was born Zhenyfyr Yowance, daughter of Rayjhis Yowance and sister of Charlz Yowance. After marrying the Duke of Tirian, she gave birth to two sons, Rayjhis and Kahlvyn Cayleb.

After her husband was revealed as a traitor and killed by her father, she came to the Royal Court with her children, where they were warmly received by King Haarahld VII, who told them that no blame was to fall on any of them for what the Duke had done. (OAR)

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