Zhyou-Zhwo Hantai was the eldest son of Emperor Waisu VI Hantai, of the Harchong Empire.

Zhyou-Zhwo and most of the Imperial family was sent on a "vacation trip" to Yu-kwau in South Harchong in August 903, shortly before the Harchongian capital of Shang-mi was stormed and destroyed (and Waisu killed) by rebellious serfs. He was initially reluctant to take the throne, but had agreed to be named Emperor by March 904.

His "reluctance" may have been a political ploy, as once Zhyou-Zhwo accepted the throne he moved to break the power held by the Imperial bureaucracy. Many of the bureaucrats had failed to escape Shang-mi, and Zhyou-Zhwo replaced them on his council with men loyal to him but outside the usual families that had previously held power in Harchong. (TFT)